Horse Racing Naps

Horse Racing Naps

This isn’t a term used to describe a catch up on sleep. A nap, is a horse selected by a tipster, as being a favourite to be winner on that specific day, hence the phrase “nap of the day”.

Before a tipster picks their NAP of the day they’ll have studied several elements before publicly shouting about their pick.

How to pick a NAP

A tipster will take in to consideration many variables before picking a nap. There are many variables with the strongest considering

  • The horses mark
  • Conditions on the course
  • Weather
  • Recent form of the horse
  • Competitive factors
  • Any stable information

There are also other factors that a good tipster will look at, even by going as far as to study their potential naps attitude fromwhen it was going in to its last race. A good NAP tipster will tell you there’s a lot more to picking them out too. It’s a skill that requires a good understanding of horses as well as being able to interpret the jargon and understand all-round weather conditions, and these factors may impact a horse.

NAP Tipsters

If this all sounds a bit too much then don’t despair. There are people out there looking at picking naps each day, like the tipsters over at The Winners Enclosure’s NAPs page. You’ll find a daily NAP here, put together by a team who put together tips on a daily basis. There are also reviews of all the latest and upcoming horse race meet … Read more

How to Have a Great Tailgate

How to Have a Great Tailgate

If you love sports than you probably love tailgate. Anytime you can get together with people over a common interest is always a good thing. So, how are you planning on tailgating this season? Are you the one hosting it or are you just a party attender? One thing is for certain, nothing says fall and football better than tailgating. Today’s tailgate parties have to be strategically planned and orchestrated if they are to be a success. Gone are the days of tossing the cooler, hotdogs and table in the car and going. According to an article, be sure that if you are the one hosting the party that you plan it well because everyone’s good time is depended upon you doing a good job. No pressure, right? The key is to ensure that you have everything you need to pull it off before game day is to prepare the night before. Some basic tailgate tips include: planning the menu, dressing in team colors, making a list of items, locating a good spot, arriving early, flying a flag so friends can find you, meeting your tailgate neighbors, decorating your table, and making sure food is ready one hour before the game starts. It might be a good idea to start cooking the night before. Some additional tips for tailgating include: packing the night before, making sure you have your jumper cables in case you drain the battery, being sure you have a bottle opener or two, freezing some … Read more